Cell M6® body treatment

The balance between fat production and fat excreting is a natural process for the body when fat cells must be activated. The higher the age, the higher the tendency to store fat in troublesome areas of the body. Even cellulite formation may occur.
Lipomassage with Cell M6® machine is a mechanic stimulation of skin by a special head through which the stored fat under the upper part of the skin gets released. This fat cannot be released with any diets or exercise.
Lipomassage activates the natural process of splitting and releasing of fats. It helps enhancing the outflow of tissue fluid – lymph, which makes the toxins wash away from the body. The result is a slim, reinforced and tight skin.
Body Lipomassage is painless and pleasant. It is very effective for men also – fat tissue in hips, prominent belly and flappy chest. Every costumer has their own clothing – overall. The treatment lasts at least 35 minutes and it is recommended to attend 2 – 3 times a week, 10 – 15 treatments depending on the state and quality of the skin.